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12 Most Useless Characters in My Hero Academia –

My Hero Academy is the story of how Deku became the number one hero.

But just as Deku inevitably becomes the best, some characters inevitably become the worst.

Whether it’s because their quirks are too weak, or because they’ve never been shown anything of value (even if that were possible).

For this list, we’re going to look at the most useless characters in My Hero Academy.

12. Hitoshi Shinso

I want to start with Shinso because I never understood why he wasn’t in the spotlight.

Of course, it’s not Class 1-A and it doesn’t have any notable quirks.

But it’s still damn powerful.

Think of how many times he could have saved the day if the heroes had just used him.

He was able to catch Stein unscathed simply by asking him a question. And he could have used Capital Repair’s minion to get them out of there without a raid.

And yet, all he had done so far was break Deke’s fingers.

11. Saiko Intelli

As for Shinso, Intelli is very underutilized.

We’ve never seen professional heroes consult her for surgery or tracking down a traitor in the United States, even though her gift gives her an IQ of 300.

To me, that means her IQ means nothing without experience (in which case she’s useless for a few more years). Or it means it fell off the edge of the earth at some point, which also makes it useless.

10. Tetsuetsu

Don’t get me wrong, I love this guy.

But if season 5 doesn’t bring him fans, he will become extremely useless.

I say that because we know it had the same strength, if not a little weaker, than Kirishima’s base.

And Kirishima’s base is everything before he uses Unbreakable.

So if Tetsutetsu doesn’t like it, it’s just a bulletproof vest and nothing more.

9. South Aoyama

As fantastic and confident as Aoyama is, he is currently an inferior hero.

His attacks are easy to dodge, as we saw in his fight with Mina, and he can only use his quirk for a very short time.

Also, although it’s never resolved in the series, he can’t use his power very freely at all. Because he could risk killing someone in an accident.

So far, all he’s done is report. And the Blitz would have done the job just as well and with less whining.

8. Koji Koda

With Coda, all the stars have to line up to be even remotely useful.

When he’s in town and there are no animals around, he’s essentially a Quirkleess.

If his opponent has some sort of AoE or is bigger, Koda is completely useless.

It offers no offensive or defensive options, other than scaring people, I guess. And we haven’t even seen him use animals to gather information.

How he ended up in Class 1-A, I’ll never know.

7. Native

The guy is so worthless I don’t even know what his quirk is.

All I know is that three schoolchildren had to rescue him from the stone.

It wouldn’t matter if they hadn’t also been slaughtered by the Blur during the fight.

But unlike Mr. Professional Hero here, they came back and kept fighting when he was as useful as a sack of potatoes.

Even when he appears a second time in the manga, he doesn’t do anything significant at all.

6. Shuichi Iguchi (Spinner)

Spinner just doesn’t belong in the league of villains.

His weirdness is completely useless unless he’s trying to hit a wall or something. And his track record is bad.

He’s just a guy who carries a lot of swords and looks like he’s selling you insurance.

Aside from powers like Dabi or Twice, it’s clear that Spinner is only there to be the designated driver.

5. Mashirao Ojiro

This guy should really be beaten by almost any villain worth their salt.

All his strength is in his cock. And all it takes to end his heroic career is one good shot.

Of course, he’s good at martial arts. But it offers almost nothing compared to almost all the others.

He can’t take on bad guys like Deku or Kirishima, he doesn’t have distance or AoE attacks like Todoroka, and he doesn’t feel like talking about them.

4. Masaki Mizushima

I noticed Masaki, but so did Backdraft, because they have essentially the same function.

Their trick is that they can control the water, to a very simple degree.

Since they already need a fire hydrant to use the power efficiently, they just need to cut a step to get a pipe. And that’s it.

They can’t increase the water pressure and use it aggressively, at least we haven’t seen anyone do that.

So any bad guy who isn’t afraid to get wet has to kill her within twenty seconds.

3. Toya Setsuno

This guy’s powers are too specific, he can only fight cops without oddities.

It only has the ability to take something out of your hand and put it in, that’s all.

So if you have a gun or something, it might be a problem. What the hell?

If you have a Quirk that doesn’t require any special equipment that you have on hand, you can easily go and beat this guy easily.

He can’t steal big things either. Even when the police encounter him, they just grab a rifle or machine gun and his quirk is useless.

2. Toru Hagakure

There’s a reason (besides perversity) why people often cite invisibility as their superpower of choice:

It’s completely overloaded!

But does Toru use this power at all? Certainly not!

Although she was both the best spy and the best assassin in the entire series, she is now nothing more than a meme character who hangs out in the background and is occasionally distracted.

I will always be pissed at how little their quirk is used.

And I secretly hope she betrays the US, just because then I can say that at least she did something in the whole series.

1. Tatami Nakagami

I’m sorry, but Tatami is not a superhero. It’s a trap.

Her quirk only comes once every minute or so that she can dodge an attack, and even that is generous.

Where do you get the idea that there should be a hero whose only power is to pull his limbs and head into his body like a turtle?

Why was this necessary?

And how has she not been murdered at least five times?

Because not only is her Quirk weak, but it also has the disadvantage of not being able to immediately leave her limbs and/or head after she retracts them into her body.

I’m actually quite fascinated by his uselessness.

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