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The Blitzball games are extremely popular in Spira. These games can be found in the cities of Luca and Bevelle. In order to play you must by a Blitzball license. You can purchase one from the man at the counter of the entrance to the stadium if you have already beaten the temple of trials. This license will allow you to play the game. Once you have a license you can go to the stadium and enter the blitzball menu. Choose ‘Join League’ and you will be asked to pick a team. You may be able to play Blitzball as early as level 5. The Ronso Fangs and the Al Bhed Psyches are the easiest teams to play as.

Blitzball is a sport that involves physical, mental, and team skills, and as such, there are many different types of Blitzball players, each with their own unique abilities. (This post discusses the most useful of these players, focusing on the defensive side of things.) More specifically, this post discusses the game’s defenders, who are tasked with stopping the opponent’s offense, an essential part of winning. There are several different types of defenders, and each has different advantages and disadvantages; you should consider which of these defenders best suits your playing style.

Blitzball is a popular underwater sport from (game) Final Fantasy X. Originally invented as a means to keep the island-bound residents of Besaid active, it quickly grew in popularity and is now played in all the major cities of Spira. Whether you play Blitzball as a way to relax after a tough dungeon run or to satisfy your inner sports fan, it’s important to have good defenders on your team. Book Review:

Sometimes the best offense is a good defense. Whether you’re battling hordes of enemies or playing underwater football, preventing attacks (and shots at goal) can be used as a cornerstone to success. If you’ve already read my previous article on offensive players, you’ll hopefully have a decent roster of good forwards to go with (plus some ideas for goalies too). So for this ranking we’ll focus on defenders you can recruit to make the Besaid Aurochs pretty much unbeatable.

5. Kyou

Kyou Defender in FFX Blitzball You might already know about Kyou and his versatility on the field. And if you’ve already filled your goalie slot, Kyou is more than capable of filling defense at RD or LD, since at level 99 his Block and Pass stats are really high. Kyou also comes equipped with a whole array of status-inducing tackle techniques. So even if his Attack stat isn’t the highest, he’ll still be able to debilitate the opponent enough to disrupt the opposing team. How to recruit: Kyou is a free agent and can be found on the bridge just before Djose Temple.

4. Irga Ronso

Irga Ronso Blitzball Player in FFX HD At level 99, Irga Ronso possesses some very good stats in Pass, Block, and Attack. She boasts an Endurance stat of 92, so if you don’t decide to pass the ball immediately, you can probably take it quite a distance relatively unopposed. Her only downside is that since she’s a Ronso, she has quite a low Speed stat. One of Irga’s key abilities is “Wither Tackle 3” making her a very good option to have if you want to completely debilitate an opposing forward player. While there may be better defenders out there, there’s no denying that your defense will be a million times better with her in it. How to recruit: Irga Ronso is at the Number 4 Docks in Luca, and will be available to recruit once her contract with the Ronso Fangs expires.

3. Kulukan

Kulukan in FFX Blitzball Like Irga mentioned previously, Kulukan excels in Attack, Block, and Pass. At level 99 her Pass stat is 96 – so she has no problem launching a swift counter attack and giving the ball to one of your forwards. She has slightly more Speed than Irga, but her Endurance stat is quite low. So don’t allow her to get tackled for any reason, or you risk losing the ball in a dangerous area. And also like Irga, Kulukan has a key tackle technique: Venom Tackle 3. This gives her a nice way to poison any opposing forward and really disrupt their rhythm. How to recruit: Kulukan will be at the Tavern in Kilika Port, and available to be recruited once her contract with the Kilika Beasts expires.

2. Nav (Navara) Guado

Navara Guado Blitzball Player in FFX Guados are known for having very good base Speed stats, as well as decent stats that exemplify their chosen position. Nav Guado is no different. Because Nav is boasting a Speed stat of 84 at level 99. His Attack, Pass, and Endurance stats are all decent too. But his Block stat is the highest of them all, reaching a Block of 82 at max level. He excels in defense due to these amazing stats. And when paired with our top-ranked Blitzball defender below, he can form the most impenetrable defense in Blitzball. How to recruit: Nav Guado can be found running around Guadosalam, and can be recruited once his contract with the Guado Glories expires.

1. Ropp

Ropp FFX HD Blitzball Player Ropp is easily the best defender in Blitzball for so many reasons. At level 99 his Pass stat is 96, allowing him to get the ball to your forward players regardless of how far away they might be. His Block and Attack are also really high. Take all of this and couple it with his ability to learn every tackling tech in the game, and you can see why he’s such a valuable defender to have on your team. Ropp comes ready-to-go and fully equipped with Drain Tackle 3, completely drains the HP of any opposing player. Pair Ropp with Nav Guado and you’ll have the meanest Blitzball defense in Spira. How to recruit: Ropp is a free agent and is found inside Rin’s Travel Agency on the Mi’ihen Highroad.Today, if you’re looking for the best Blitzball defenders for your team, then you’re in the right place. Blitzball teams are made up of 5 players and one goalkeeper. Therefore, the best teams should only have the best players. Blitzball players fall into 3 categories: strikers, defenders, and goalkeepers. In the beginning, your team will be made up of young players. These players are the only ones available until you reach the later chapters of the game. The better the rating of the player, the better the player will be. The better the team you have, the better your chances are of winning.. Read more about ffx blitzball players stats and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the best Blitzball players to recruit?

One of the most important aspects of the game is the game’s heroes. There is a huge variety of players to recruit. Some will be available at the start of the game while others will become available later in the game. The choice of which ones to recruit depends on what position you want them to play and how they will fit into your team. For example, if you have a well-balanced team that has no particular deficiencies, you may wish to add a versatile player that can fill in at any position. As the first competitive Blitzball game in years, Final Fantasy: A New Empire is attracting players from all over the world. Once you’ve gotten over the initial excitement of starting your team, the next step is figuring out who you need.

How do you recruit Blitzball players?

Of all the teams in Blitzball, the one that seems to take the most pride in their defensive capabilities is Luca Goers. For this reason, the Luca Goers have the most players with the “Defender” sub-position. The Luca Goers are also unique in that they feature three defenders with “Teamwork” as a primary attribute, something that most other teams lack. In the world of Spira, blitzball is the most popular sport known to man. However, in order to win matches, you need to recruit and train the best blitzball players in the land. The following are the best defenders to recruit, based on their ratings and job classes. (We have also included a link to the top scoring attackers)

Is MIYU any good Blitzball player?

MIYU is the latest in a long line of outstanding defensive blitzball players introduced by FINAL FANTASY X . He is a member of the Besaid Aurochs, and one of two starting defenders you can choose, along with KUWAIT. While his starting stats are slightly lower than KUWAIT’s, MIYU can gain a number of useful abilities that will make him a force to be reckoned with on the field. Despite its similarities to soccer, Blitzball is a very different game from the one most of us know. Many established players have been thrown off by the steep learning curve, while others have simply bought into the hype and found themselves frustrated. But if you’re still looking to try the game out, here’s the scoop.

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