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Here’s even more information regarding Mundo’s Rework

Kindlejack came on Mundo Conversation to participate in a little discussion about QnA in Redevelopment, which I also participated in. He’s pretty excited about the splash drop.

There’s not much new information, but I want to update some things about the Mundo redesign information.

Here we go:

  • Kindlejack says that Rageborn is more like a solid 1350 skin, meaning it’s more of an Epic skin (though it doesn’t have the unique race animation anymore) and tends to be updated to reflect the Riftquest theme, because when Rageborn came out (2012), the Riftquest skin line wasn’t that great back then. The most obvious connection between the two is that his bag now contains a Kindlegem (I think), a refillable potion, and a pick, something most Riftquest skins have, and the league elements are part of the design of the skins (except maybe the new Riftquest skins and a few others).
  • El Macho Mundo still has the image of an American wrestler in its design, when I asked if the skin would keep that design since it is mostly made up of luchadors. All he answered was: Damn, brrrrrrrr!
  • VFX Frozen Prince and eventually SFX will be improved to have more oomph, as the team has heard that these VFX are generally weak.
  • TPA Cup bonuses can be overwritten.
  • As he said, Kindlejack’s favorite skin is visually Mundo Mundo, because it’s something he’s wanted to do for years. Some have suggested that it was a cosplay of the old Mundo.
  • Corporate Mundo will be visually inspired by the 1980s.
  • When someone asked how Corporate Mundo would compare to the other Legendary/Ultimate skins that have been redesigned, Kindlejack replied:

Let’s try something where the base team finishes the basics and does the legend right after. I think it worked. It’s up to each of us to decide if it’s a true legend.

Kindlejack also made a post describing the mood he was in for each of the Mundo hidden art bursts, which are. :

They don’t say much, but it’s something.

Ahhh, and that’s it.

It’s a shame we have to wait until the last week of April to get any news on Mundo Rework, but I think we’ll get there.

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  • More information about Mundo’s work can be found here.

Before I say anything about what I remember from Discord Mundo, I just want to say that Twin Enso (the guy who worked on the second half of Sett and the new head of marketing this year) and Kindlejack, the people around the rebuild, seem seriously committed to it…..

  • In my opinion, Dr. Mundo recycles…

Since Dr. Mundo lost the recycling poll, I think he’s way off now. Honestly, I don’t think he needs them all as much as the other champions, but that doesn’t stop me….

  • Correction of the information on Eden’s FFXI server

I’ve removed my promotional material about the Eden server. I love this server, and for ~2 years it was exactly what I wanted from FFXI. A slow-growth, social and cooperative MMO for the long haul, where rewards are earned, not given. What made Eden Server special was the dedication of the staff …..

Posted here with even more details about Mundo’s work in the Legends Game League.

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