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The pokies are turned off. Don’t turn all of them back on

Just about two months ago, poker rooms were closing in Australia. As the vending machines were effectively closed, I hear that many people were able to pay for their expenses quickly last time – one woman told me that her daughter was able to buy Easter eggs for her baby for the first time in years.

The Gaming Reform Partnership notes that more than $2 billion has been saved in Australian online since the clubs closed on March 23, and that’s not counting the money invested in casino sites. In Victoria, there were no less than 57 discounts worth more than $421,000.

Many people use Texas Hold’em makers to forget about stress. Poker is actually a welcome change when you’re alone in an empty house. While the lone casino gambler may be relieved, the attributes of addicts may indicate that they are simply in dire financial straits.

Poker is the reason I was sentenced to 18 months in prison at the age of 64 for stealing money from my employer to spend on my gambling on those horrible devices. Going to jail in 2016 actually saved my life, because I was able to overcome this obsession with the support of a wedding consultant.

While the casino slots are closed, some people gamble online. Still, the solitary experience will not give casino players the same excitement as in a club or even a hotel where the enthusiasm for spinning cars and appearing with people around them is present.

During this break, some players may realize they need help. Many will continue to deny their anxiety because they don’t know why they actually feel nervous or even anxious, or they may even claim that they can stop playing by themselves.

Some players know they have problems with online poker when they discover money on their profile to spend accounts. Ideally, these people probably realize that they will have to struggle to pay the bills again when they return to Texas Hold’em.

Unfortunately, some will certainly welcome a reboot of the Texas Hold’em units. One of them will be the one who mistakenly thinks that because he has been closed for a long time, when he starts he will certainly pay much better and thinks he can earn a lot. You can also hope that housing associations and organizations will certainly use the best rewards to make an offer.

It’s time for the federal governments to examine how addictive these devices are and how dangerous they really are. Currently, it’s a great chance for state authorities to limit the number of sites that can be easily renewed with pokies (individually, I would like to look at all of them excluded), reduce the opening hours and also introduce a maximum fee of $1, and also make providers eliminate the addictive property as well as components of these manufacturers.

Pokies have taken a heavy toll on our mental health market, as this addiction is actually a silent killer. It is certainly not an addiction, and almost all people who cannot stop their obsessions hide their problems from their loved ones. I have been one of those people and I also know that it is very difficult to quit smoking on your own if you don’t seek help.

I went to poker every day, and even though I would have surely told myself that I could never succeed, that they would be stuck for the rest of their lives or even win a club, I had to go. The addiction – the dopamine in your brain when you gamble is the same as when you take drugs or even drink alcohol – is actually just as effective.

My life is actually much better since I got my poker addiction under control. I recommend that anyone who thinks they or someone they know has a problem seek help.

If you think you have a gambling addiction, you can get help from Casino’s Assistance (1800 858 858), Bettor’s Australian online pokies and the Victorian Responsible Betting Structure (9452 2600).

Carolyn Crawford is actually a reformed bookie and an activist with the Betting Reform Collaborative – a campaign for change.

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