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The Newspapers of Sapienza – Hitman 2 Games Guide

Newspaper tour in Sapienza.

That’s how it all started, when I noticed on a bench in Mendoza a copy of the newspaper Regionale Prima signed by Sapienza. Apparently Don Yates took care of Caruso_00

47 likes Regional Prima, also in Mendoza.

Therefore, I decided to go through all the newspapers of Sapienza and find out the reading habits of each of the notables. Of course, 47 begins with reading Regional Primera, the best choice.

Ah, Sapienza.

First: Salvatore Bravuomo. Next to the entrance of his office, there is an automatic Photo Boost! An odd choice for someone learning from Bravumo.

Bravumo likes cars.

Then there’s the refurbishment shop, where a lot of old copies of laptops are lying around. The best you can do with them is rely on the selection of the regional premier.

A scary newspaper.

Stop at the kiosks on the way to the beach. In the stack of magazines is an issue of MOD, with our old friend Sato the designer on the cover. Don’t forget to pick up a copy of VINO, the quality wine guide that Silvio Caruso himself keeps in his dressing room.

We see Sato again

As you approach the church, you will see Father Francesco on the cover of Notizie Dal Mondo, a rarer publication (I could only find 3 copies at this altitude).

Enjoy your cover, Father.

Enjoy the sunshine and stay in your church clerk disguise on the way back to your apartment. Here is a copy of Roberto Marcelli, a very interesting new biography.

But what did the 47-year-old himself hear? Well, he has his own taste. Next to his sleeping bag is Il mercante de Sapienza, a great piece of local history, and the latest issue of Guns for Hire, announcing Bartoli’s latest offering.

Reading aloud before bed

On the shelf is the latest issue of HIT magazine, with a familiar face on the cover and articles on NEW HITMAN and KILLER OUTFITS. Finally, 47 people browse Guns Weekly, dissatisfied with the lack of silenced weapons.

good connections

Upstairs, in the Rocko’s room, you’ll find copies of magazines like STELLA, of course. You really gotta work for Rocco.

Perhaps the rarest newspaper in all of Sapienza (found only here) is a stack of Giornalieros Italia, found in a closed café next to the Sanguine store. It’s a good paper, but hard to get.

But which paper best suits your needs? In Silvio’s office lies a dusty copy of the Notizie Dal Mondo, but fear not, for next to his bed lies the Regionale Prima, the favorite newspaper of all honest citizens of Sapienza.

Francesca, on the other hand, is having a harder time deciding. Your room is very dark, but you can just make a copy of The Archaeologist with another magazine about Novikov. But no regional Prima. Disappointing, but I assume you’re new to La Sapienza, Ms. de Santis.

I conclude this tour of Sapienza’s reading habits and hope you enjoyed it. I leave you with this beautiful photo of a stack of fresh regional Primas, ready for delivery, Sapienza’s best newspaper.


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