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7 Best Antivirus for Android for 2023

Smartphones are part of our lives these days. Our smartphones contain sensitive information about ourselves. Therefore, we also need to protect the data from hacking. Nowadays, our privacy is constantly under threat. So we need to protect our phones with an anti-virus program. There are hundreds of antivirus programs on the Internet, but not all of them are good enough. So we need to make sure that we can choose a good antivirus program.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered because we’ve done a lot of research on antivirus software and we’ve selected the 7 best antivirus software for Android for you. This list is up to date; no need to worry.

7 best antivirus for Android 2023

So here is the list of 7 Android antivirus apps for 2023. Without further ado, let’s go straight to this article and start this list with Avast, the most popular antivirus.

1. Avast Antivirus

Avast Antivirus is the most popular antivirus program in the world, which is why we have included it in our list of the best antivirus programs. It protects many users around the world and is currently one of the most popular Android applications. It has the function to search for all dangerous or infected applications and trojans. It also protects against spyware and viruses.

There are in-app purchases that allow you to remove ads. But the free version of this antivirus is also very good. It has great features that make it one of the best free antivirus software in 2023.

2. Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender Antivirus Free is one of the best antivirus programs for Android. It uses cloud-based scanning technology that enables ultra-fast scanning. It does not slow down the camera or use up the camera’s memory, which is a very good feature.

It is free, but there is also a paid version. The debug version provides access to additional features such as malware scanner, web security, theft protection and application blocking. You should try it.

3. Norton 360

One of the best antivirus programs available for free. It offers impressive security features. It has a 100% detection rate and removes all corrupted files, as well as malware or viruses that can infect your device.

It can also be used to block unwanted calls or messages, set an alarm to search for a missing device, or lock the device to prevent data theft. It has a unique 360 feature that allows you to search for any personal information leaked on the dark web. There are also premium features that are only available if you subscribe to a paid membership.

4. AVG Anti-Virus

It is developed by AVG Technologies. It is a subsidiary of Avast Antivirus Software. It is a fairly simple antivirus software with good features. It can perform periodic scans, and internal scans detect viruses in your device. It also works as a speed booster, call blocker, energy saver, trash cleaner, etc.

Some features are only available for a 14-day trial period. If you want to use these features later, you have to pay for them. There are several additional applications, such as AVG Cleaner, Alarm Clock Extreme, etc., all of which are free. How cool!

5. Interception request X

It has proven itself in the past, so we can say that there is very good antivirus software. This is a free Android application and it is ad-free. I don’t know if you can understand it, but it’s very important.

It has many features that can be used by the user. This app is claimed to be one of the best virus scanners for Android and also protects against malware and trojans that can damage your smartphone. There are also features like anti-theft, app drawer, security advisor, etc that you can use for free.

6. Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Mobile Devices

You may have heard the name before. It is one of the best antivirus software for Android. There is a free version and a premium version. The premium version offers additional features that you can use, but the free version is also very good.

The free version offers a manual analysis of the phone. With the premium version you get real-time protection, theft protection and application locking for extra protection of your important applications. It is possible to test the premium version for free for 30 days.

7. Avira Antivirus

This name may not be well known, but it is reliable. There’s a reason we put this on the list. It offers all the necessary and free features. This is an advantage that many antivirus programs do not have.

It has a cell phone tracker that can track your cell phone at any time, so it can help you if you lose your phone. With the premium version, you can use other special features of the application.


Antivirus is a very important software for Android, and you always have one. The only problem in this matter is the choice of antivirus. There are so many antivirus programs that we don’t know which ones are good and which ones are bad. It can be difficult to choose one antivirus program out of hundreds.

We hope you found this article useful. We have done our best to provide you with 7 antivirus programs. I hope we passed. Thanks again for reading this article. Recommend this article to your friends and family if they need it. Take care and good luck.

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