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Understanding Quantum Computers and Concepts

The concept of a quantum computer may sound strange, but it is an interesting thing that has now become a reality. If you are intrigued by the concept and want to know all about it, you have come to the right place. Here we will look at everything about quantum computing. We will also discover what they can do that traditional computers could not.

So before we know anything about quantum computing, we need to know something about quantum computing. This concept is not yet clear in people’s minds. It even seems like a science fiction concept. Let me tell you that this is a scientific concept that has now become a reality.

Competition between brands and tech giants like IBM and Google to develop the first quantum computer is fierce. Today, many people recognize the need for quantum computing as traditional computing technology has its limitations. Although good, traditional computers are already finding their way into everyday products.

Older computers or traditional computers use binary coding, represented by 0 and 1. Regardless of the size of the computer, it uses binary logic. Each door is closed at 0 and open at 1, and no other condition is detected.

Why is a quantum computer needed?

Over the years, the size of transistors has decreased significantly. In addition, the machines have become faster due to processing density and efficiency. But we can reduce the size of transistors to just a few atoms. It’s hard to reduce it any further. If we keep trying to make transistors smaller, chances are they won’t work. This is because the electrons begin to bypass the gate without activating or deactivating the gate concept.

This means that we have reached the limit for reducing the size of transistors. Besides, we can’t accelerate computing power anymore. Therefore, there are only two options that are currently being worked on.

  1. The first is the use of photons instead of electricity to transmit information in circuits.
  2. Second, the use of quantum computers.

What is a quantum computer?

It is essentially a quantum phenomenon. Quantum computing uses concepts such as entanglement and superposition to perform calculations. This phenomenon allows for the coexistence of more than 2 states. This means that minuscule particles can interact with each other at minute scales. It also means that they can solve math problems, such as decomposing into whole numbers, at high speed.

Quantum computing is thus a subfield of quantum information science that is expected to develop in the coming years. It will be extended to data security, pharmaceutical and other applications.

Turing machine

Quantum computing actually emerged in the 1980s when a popular physicist talked about the quantum mechanical model in the context of the Turing machine. Later, he even suggested that a quantum computer could very well stimulate what a classical computer cannot.

It is interesting to note that the smallest unit of data in quantum computing is not a bit, but a qubit. Like a bit, it has two states: 0 and 1. It’s quite complicated and not as simple as a bit. In fact, it can be in any relationship between the two states, which is called superposition.

In quantum computing, superposition means that more data can be stored if more qubits are available. For example, 30 qubits can hold more than a million values simultaneously. However, there are other concepts related to the quantum element. Traditional computers could only process data sequentially. Quantum computers, on the other hand, can perform both tasks simultaneously. So quantum computing is better because it can solve problems that traditional computers could solve with less complexity.


This is an important concept in database processing. Indeed, with this system, quantum computers can easily check n sets of data simultaneously. Artificial intelligence can make great use of this concept, which has more to do with data processing. Moreover, the process will be smooth and fast. Moreover, the results become more accurate and immediate.

Errors in quantum information science

It is very important that quantum computers are successful. This requires an accurate error correction system. Currently, quantum computers are very sensitive to electromagnetic fields and thermal conditions, or even collisions with air molecules, as these can affect the qubits by causing them to lose their quantum properties. Thus, if any of the above conditions exist, the system may collapse and this process is called quantum deconvolution.

This also leads to the need to keep quantum computers out of the above state and protect the qubit from external interference. Therefore, it is important to simply isolate them from the outside environment and store them in a cool place. Moreover, it is important to have extra qubits available in case errors occur in the system.

Quantum superiority

Much work has gone into the development of quantum computers, and Google has even claimed quantum superiority. Google has always been the market leader. According to him, they probably reached this milestone by building a quantum processor consisting of 54 qubits. So it is fully capable of performing a sample calculation in 3 minutes and 20 seconds.

However, IBM also claims to be building a 53-qubit system that delivers the same performance.

Quantum computer

There are many types of quantum computers, such as. B. : –

  1. Quantum Turing machine
  2. Quantum chain model
  3. One-way quantum computer
  4. Adiabatic quanta.

The most popular model is the quantum circuit, which is based entirely on the quantum bit, or qubit.

Quantum computing involves the use of transmons, quantum computers and ion traps designed to produce high-quality qubits. Basically, it’s a calculator that works on all tracks at once.

The 29th. In January 2023, Shennzhen SpinQ Technology announced that it had successfully built the first desktop quantum computer. It’s just a miniature version of their previous quantum computers. This quantum computer uses the same technology with 2 qubit devices.

Quantum computers have great potential and industry is very interested in them. There are even those who believe that quantum computers can actually improve the climate change situation. It can do this by detecting traces of carbon. If successful, it is possible that quantum stimulation could act as a catalyst for the direct removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

However, this technology requires further research. We need to know if this compromises the security of our networks. Although we see the future as bright, there is not yet widespread acceptance of quantum computers and quantum technology.

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