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The Sims 4 Smartphone CC & Mods (All Free) – Its been a long time, but I finally re-started my Sims 4 blog, so I thought I would start with some mods, and some custom content, in the form of Sims 4 smartphones. I’m sure most of you know, but custom content is a really important part of the Sims 4, and can really help to add to the fun, and even make your game easier. So here are some useful smartphone cc mods for the Sims 4.

The Sims 4 is a game about your stories, and today I have the perfect game additions to help you tell your stories. The Sims 4 smartphone and smartphone mods are a free Download for every Simmer out there. With the Sims 4 smartphone, you can use your Sims to make calls, send messages, and more. The Sims 4 smartphone is available in all versions of the Sims 4, including Sims 4 Console, Sims 4 Mobile, and The Sims 4 PC.

A lot has changed since the TS4 was launched in 2014. The most obvious change is our obsession with phones.

It’s gotten so bad that not looking at a screen for a whole day can drive us crazy.

For better or worse, this has also made its way into the Sims world.

So if you want to improve your smartphones, we have a few good ideas.

Decor mobile phone

Check out this AC.

Regardless of the price and value of smartphones, it is inevitable that they will sometimes become part of the clutter in your home.

Because let’s face it, humans are messy by nature, so your Sims should be too!

This decor in the shape of a mobile phone (from the set Fish bathroom decoration) may scare off lovers of cleanliness, but it’s a necessary evil to bring more reality into TS4.

Smartphone with headphones

Check out this AC.

Bluetooth headphones are now so common that wired headphones will be obsolete in a few years.

But even though these bubbling monsters are now almost obsolete, there’s no denying that they can still be useful.

They never run out of batteries and don’t cost an arm and a leg – that’s something, isn’t it?

If you’re a fan of old-fashioned wired headphones, don’t miss this awesome CC from DDaeng Sims!

CC clamshell telephone

Check out this AC.

If you’ve never owned a flip phone, you’re too young for WooHoos.

Either that or you didn’t have a good childhood – there’s no in between.

For those of you who grew up in the golden age of texting and chain messages, this article is for you!

Bring back memories of the good old days by buying this custom CC flip phone.

NEIDEN iPhone Music Player SimXS

Check out this AC.

Do you ever feel like you have the best taste in music in the room?

Now your Sim can too. With the NEIDEN SimXS Music Player for iPhone, you can proudly show off what your Sim is listening to.

Just make sure you don’t play vulgar music like Nickelback and Imagine Dragons, unless of course you want to commit social suicide.

And you can take it to the next level by combining it with the entire NEIDEN electronics line, including laptops and tablets.

iPhone series – Deco and Stereo

Check out this AC.

The latest iPhone models may not be available in this CC.

But this is compensated by full functionality and attention to detail.

With realistic versions of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 5S and 5C, you can set the mood with any model of Apple technology in your simulation.

Download this CC with NewOne and choose from more than 8 games !

Samsung GALAXY Note8

Check out this AC.

You know what they say about Samsung users: They never shut up about how much better their phones are than iPhones.

And good for them, because they can now take their superiority complex to TS4 with this CC Samsung Galaxy Note8 from the maker of littledica.

Give this CC to your Sim and watch him irritate those around him by talking about the Galaxy Note8’s dual-lens camera and water resistance (like that’s news?).

Samsung Galaxy S9 CC

Check out this AC.

In the real world, the Galaxy S9 is one of Samsung’s most reliable phones to date.

And now your sims can experience new technologies with this CC from oceansccc.

Available in all official Samsung colors and high-quality textures, this CC is as close to the original as you can get – without spending a dime.

H&B Star5G

Check out this AC.

Adding real phones to the Sims can make the game easier to manage, but also less exciting.

Seeing a Sim with an iPhone or Samsung can throw you off balance and remind you of the responsibility you’re running from, as well as the reason you play video games.

Let’s completely rid our game of its miserable existence with a fictional H&B Star5G from Littledica.

A fictional brand, but the same entertainment as the average smartphone.

iPhone 12 Pro Max + case Supplement

Check out this AC.

If you’re an iPhone user, you’ve probably broken your screen before.

Whether on a pub crawl or in the safety of your room, it has become a badge of honour for Apple fans.

But at the first glance at the screen, covered in a web of cracks, the heart sinks.

Rescue your Sims from this heartbreaking moment with this iPhone 12 Pro Max CC that comes with a protective case!

Total Rad Brick Phone

Check out this AC.

If you love the 80s revival, you’ll probably find this CC phone totally rad – well – totally rad!

Inspired by the Motorola DynaTac 8000x, this device from the past looks even better with jeans and questionable hair.

Everything you need to convey the timeless aesthetic of the 80s.

And for even better results, play Duran Duran and The Police while you play.

This source has been very much helpful in doing our research. Read more about sims 4 cc and let us know what you think.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get CC on Sims 4 Mobile?

If you don’t know what CC stands for, don’t feel bad. We’re going to explain it to you. CC (or Custom Content) is stuff that people create for games like the Sims 4. (Side note: You may see Custom Content referred to as “mods” or “modifications”.) For example, you might download a custom hairstyle or clothes for your Sims 4 character. The Sims 4 Mobile just launched with a ton of new content that’s available to download and purchase. It’s also worth noting that the Sims Mobile and the Sims 4 are two separate games. You don’t have to pay for both. I’m going to break down what you need to know about CC on The Sims 4 Mobile.

Is CC bad for Sims 4?

There has been a lot of controversy lately over the controversial new EULA (End User License Agreement) added to the Sims 4. The new agreement included an addition to the terms stating that, among other things, The Sims 4 would now be permanently online, and would automatically install any new game updates, expansion packs, or other content updates. Many people saw this as a major step in the wrong direction for players. However, the way it is written does not necessarily mean that it is the end of the world for many of us. We all love The Sims franchise! Or, at least, we all love to hate The Sims franchise. We love to make fun of its weird, unnatural body proportions, its jankiness, the fact that you’re just one step removed from literally playing with dolls. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.)  The Sims 4 is no exception—in fact, the latest iteration of the game seems to have caused almost as many problems with its players as it’s fixed. (Hang on, is that…yes, it is! The Sims 4 is actually worse than The Sims 3 in some ways !) This is a list of blog post ideas that I had during the month. This is

Is CC free on Sims 4?

The Sims have always been known for two things: being able to do anything and being able to be anything. Most games are limited to a selection of activities and characters, but The Sims gives you the freedom to create your own characters, careers, homes, and interactive objects. However, from the very beginning, players have had to make a choice: whether to buy the game or not. A decade ago, the choice was easy: you had to either buy the game or play the free demo. The Sims 3 has always been available as a demo download, and The Sims 4’s demo was released in July of last year. The Sims 4 character creator is available to everyone, and players who want to play the full game can download it via Origin Sims 4 players can now play the game for free. Electronic Arts announced Tuesday that the massively popular game has gone free-to-play, meaning all players can download the full game and play it without paying a dime. The game is now free to play through Origin, Electronic Arts’ digital distribution service, and via the game’s official website. So if you have a computer that can run the game and Origin, you can play Sims 4 for free, which is a huge change from the game’s original $60 price tag. (For a limited time, players who sign up for Origin Access Premier will have a chance to play the game for free.)

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