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The Future Of Casinos In New Zealand

In recent years, New Zealanders have invested a lot of money in the expansion of online gambling. Online casino platforms operating internationally are growing rapidly, and domestic New Zealand sites are also becoming increasingly popular.

The growth rate of online gambling in the country could lead to two types of outcomes: irresponsible gambling, which harms people, and controlled gambling, which generates revenue.

Significant future changes

Decades have passed since the first land-based casino was established. Over the years, the industry has grown significantly due to technological advancements and developments such as internet connectivity, new payment methods, gaming tools, etc. The main changes that are likely to accelerate in the sector are:

Promotion of online casinos

Land-based casinos have always remained the heart of the gambling industry. It attracts many players from all over the world to play at CasinoDeps’ new NZ sites. However, with development and globalization, online casinos have also appeared.

People like to sit in front of their machines for hours and relax while playing rather than going to a casino and experiencing the same. Smartphones and computers have made it even easier, and there is a wide variety of gaming options to keep players entertained.

Digital currency conversion

Nowadays, people prefer crypto-currency payment methods like Litexoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc. because they are ideal for people playing from countries where gambling is not legalized. It is a safe, anonymous and non-traceable method. In the future, crypto payments are likely to overtake traditional payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets.

Changes in the development of games

It’s never easy to make the perfect game. With increasing competition, game developers invest a lot of time in improving slot themes, gameplay, bonus features and mobile compatibility. Software manufacturers have improved significantly over the years and are finding ways to make gambling even more exciting in the future.

Slot Machine Improvement

All casinos must constantly improve their slot machines to attract more customers and retain existing ones. Outdated machines need to be replaced regularly, which is also expensive, but important due to the continuous improvement of technology and the demands of the players. In the future, the casinos plan to keep a master machine on which the software is replaced from time to time to keep costs down.

Reward system

It is very important to offer new forms of membership cards, bonuses and opportunities to keep the player base up. Each casino has lucrative offers and competes with the others. This number will increase in the future so that we can make even better offers from time to time.

Future expectations of New Zealand casinos

New Zealand has a population of 49.2 lakhs (2019) and the fee is about NZ$17 billion per year – a pretty big amount per player. Gambling revenues will increase in the future and could reach as much as $19 billion by 2024. This growth is reflected in all forms of gambling such as slot machines, sports betting, live dealer games, etc. Lottery games have a large number of players and generate the most revenue. Kiwis also like to bet on horse racing, as do British punters.

The main distribution channels in New Zealand are focused on:

  • Online interaction
  • Telephone betting
  • Brick and mortar casino
  • Agencies

Agency and telephone betting are common in horse betting, while interaction is common in sports betting. Brick and mortar casinos include other forms of distribution and include hotels, clubs and pubs.


So we can proudly say that the game industry will be around for a long time to come and will be making improvements in the near future. All forms of casinos, both land-based and online, will develop new technologies and improvements to expand their reach. In the future, we can also expect VR experiences in video games to make the experience even more realistic.

Thanks to the efforts and planning that went into this, we can expect the sector to shine even brighter in the future and promote healthy play in all its forms.

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