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I would say that Rivals of Aether shines with its beautiful pixel art and smooth animations. It also has a fantastic roster of characters, including Shovel Knight, Ori from Ori and the Blind Forest.

And while the game’s core character roster is small, it may even rival Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, given the fan-made characters.

Let’s take a look at some of the best custom characters to boost your roster.

20. Morshu

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The old Zelda Sat Am cartoon had some bold characters, including the fat, somewhat grotesque merchant Morshu.

This smart businessman became famous because of a hilarious video clip in which he uses lots of movements and gestures to advertise his products.

In the clip he talks about his bombs, ropes and lamp oil – so his RoA character uses them too.

This is an elite character created by a true connoisseur.

19. Large Papyrus

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Background is a great game that will continue to capture the collective imagination for years to come.

One way to pay tribute to this generational game is to get the Great Papyrus as a fighter in RoA.

He was one of the best characters in Undertale.

And it’s just as powerful, popular and prestigious in Aether battles.

He’s willing to bring at least some backbone to the fight with his corkscrew attacks, and even has a stage where he shines the most.

This Papyrus has a refined and balanced character. And it’s just as cute as the original.

18. Ash

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The creator of the original Aether character, Andy Ayala, has lent his own cat Ash for a new custom character.

Not only is she beautiful, but she also has a spunky character and lots of claws, as you would expect from a boxer tiger.

It’s all about moving fast and striking unexpectedly before your opponent can react.

She has great moves that mirror her box bottom, and everything is beautifully animated.

17. Unnamed goose

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What better character for your Aether rivals than the pain-bearing, invincible tormentor, shit-kicker that is the Goose from Untitled Goose Game.

This goose, cute on the outside but terrible on the inside, lives to ruin everyone’s day.

You do it with the dedication of an athlete. And for the most part, they succeed.

This humble goose doesn’t have the most spectacular moves. But geese are very dangerous, even without an extra spell.

16. Ryu Hayabusa

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No ninja is more reliable than the villain Ryu Hayabusa from the Ninja Gaiden series.

The colors of his sprites in this impressive custom model are reminiscent of his previous incarnations, where blue predominated rather than the darker hues seen in later games.

In addition to the usual ninja tricks such as shuriken throwing and teleporting, Ryu uses his shadow clones and fire-calling skills to establish his dominance on the battlefield.

This is a dynamic character that is ideal for people who like the challenge of landing with precision.

15. Virgil

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Dante, the older brother of Devil May Cry, is a legendary swordsman and the son of Sparda.

If he had really tried his best, he could have taken on any other character in Rivals of Aether.

To give them a chance, he will fight without leaving his white plastic chair. And from that throne, he swings his Yamato for hard (but easily interrupted) blows.

Most of his special attacks were worth resisting.

But he can activate Devil Trigger if certain criteria are met, so he can spam them indefinitely.

Considering how absurd he looks, he’s a very neat and balanced character.

14. Kirby

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Some people just play as Kirby in every Super Smash Bros. game they touch.

Now they might just stick with the pink blob in Rivals Ether.

Star Warrior plays exactly as you’d expect – namely, like in Super Smash Bros.

He can even inhale and swallow his enemies to take over their gifts. And it even works with the main characters!

If you like quirky characters who can hold their own in a competitive environment, then you’ll love Kirby.

13. Natsumi

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Flash animation was a big deal when I was younger.

People were already using it in games, short films and all sorts of interesting projects.

This mod pays homage to the old profession by introducing a character from the famous 2003 Flash animation called Shag Natsumi!

Natsumi has a nice move that should be available to all players.

You may currently have a hard time seeing the original animation because Flash is no longer as easy to maintain, but you can remember Natsumi through this character.

12. Samurai Knight

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The Shovel Knight DLC character for RoA is the main reason I gave the game a chance at the time.

And that impressive warrior skin twisted with scoops spices things up perfectly.

Rather than risk creating an unbalanced or just plain boring character, the creator of this fashion has focused on creating an aesthetically pleasing transformation.

Dressed in the traditional heavy armor of the samurai, this character graciously wields his katana to achieve victory.

Since he moves the blade the same way Shovel Knight moves his shovel, it may not be as graceful, but it’s very nice.

The new animations scream Bushido.

11. Steve

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If it exists, there is a Minecraft theme mod for it.

The Aether rivalry is no exception.

While he looks a little less blocky than Steve should, this character is definitely of good quality in my opinion.

He can place blocks, throw TNT, shoot arrows and much more.

I play as Steve in RoA and I can’t believe Nintendo took so long to get him into SSB. At last.

This character is relatively balanced, but you have to learn his tricks.

Playing against Steve can be frightening at first. But it’s not really that powerful.

10. felt

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The protagonist of Undertale convinces her to join the fight.

Most people played Humble Tales as pacifists. So Frisk is generally considered calm and peaceful.

But losing a genocide taught me that they have the power to be murderous psychopaths – and part of that power is in the character of RoA.

My favorite thing about Frisk is that Flowey is a gun and fires friendly bullets at Frisk’s enemies.

After getting to know the character better in Undertale, it’s an odd display.

9. Chara

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Before Frisk entered the monster world in which the underlying stories are set, there was a first child, Chara.

Unlike Frisk, Chara is a murderous psychopath by nature – and he fights like one.

His stealthy movements are similar to Frisk’s. And they represent the aesthetic and combat style of the game well.

8. Tramp

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One of the best indie games I’ve played in recent years is Hyperlight Drifter by Hyperlight Machine.

We will never get that low character in SSB. Ultimate – but this custom RoA character is just as good.

This is a rewrite of Clarence, so don’t expect anything unusual on the SWAT track.

For me, the biggest selling point of this fashion is the amazing color palettes.

I never thought a black and white bum could look this good.

7. Peacock

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From the wilds of the Skullgirls series is born Peacock, a comic book character who is half robot, half ancient.

But a 100% adorable biomechanical weapon against girl haters.

Her character is based on her appearance in the Skullgirls games. But in this model, it has brand new abilities that are exclusive to Rivals of Ether.

With guns, knives, bombs and even elephants at his disposal, Peacock really steps up the fire.

As in most Skullgirls games, Peacock can also perform an Air Dash on an opponent, increasing her already large combo potential.

6. Fail-safe message Male

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The unmistakable whistleblower is one of the most unexpected new characters in RoA.

But I’m in!

I always thought you had to be rude to hurt someone or break something with good old Wymote. It’s that behemoth – the faceless figure from the Wii’s safety warnings – and he has some pretty dangerous moves.

Some of his best moves include carefree swinging (a danger to flat-screen TVs nearby) and throwing a bowling ball, as in Wii Sports.

5. 100% accuracy Fox

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When Super Smash Bros. was released. Melee clearly showed that one character was capable of handling them all: Fox.

It’s the wrong fox.

This version of Fox, Nintendo’s classic cyborg space pilot, is so poorly drawn and out of proportion that it’s part of its charm.

While in an SSB Melee match a single fox would be a sign of a high level of seriousness, in RoA a pure fox match with 4 players would be a hilarious affair.

4. Speedrunner reference

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From the same artistic trend as 100% Accurate Fox, here is Speedrunner Link, based on the look of the character in Breath of the Wild.

This ridiculous caricature of Link has the usual weapons and skills of a Hyrule warrior, but it’s his playful movements that set this mod apart from the competition.

I almost went crazy when I saw the shield bounce like a fighting game.

He can fly a bit with his glider and even move metal cubes with Magnesis, like in Breath of the Wild.

And the combination possibilities are great too.

3. Terra

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One of the nicest characters you can get in your RoA is Terra, the Magitech rebel knight from Final Fantasy VI.

Each of his moves is fluid and beautifully animated, and the visuals for special attacks like Blizzara, Fira and her rising tornado are stunning.

These powerful spells can give you an advantage in battle. But you have to wait for the MP to reload if you abuse it.

The bored look on his sprite reminds me very much of the official Final Fantasy artwork, and it drives me crazy.

2. SM64 Mario

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If you want to get Big N’s main character in the game, it has to be the Super Mario 64 version.

This unremarkable Mario is an iconic part of my childhood.

And I know I’m not alone.

The world-famous plumber became even more popular worldwide after his first 3D release.

This RoA character can do triple jumps like in SM64, and he can grab and throw enemies like he does with Bowser in boss fights.

Besides, it’s very beautiful. This figure brilliantly captures the appeal of Mario’s low-poly model.

Clearly, this is someone who really loves SM64.

1. 2B

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I really enjoyed having 2B as a character in Soulcalibur VI.

And now the androids’ favorite, YoRHa, is also coming to Rivals of Ether.

This incredible custom character moves and fights just like 2B in NieR : Automata.

She even carries her two floating swords with her and can operate her pod to provide remote support, among many other mechanics.

His special attacks are beautiful 2D reproductions of those from NieR : The machines are moving. I mean, very specific.

Again, the work is fantastic and you can really be enchanted by the artist’s talent.

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