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Rise of Kingdoms – Civilization Guide: All Civilizations & How To Change Civilization

In Rise of Kingdoms, your entire city and troops get a number of upgrades, called bonuses, that depend on the civilization of your city.

The civilization you choose determines other factors: the starting commander of your city and the special units you can unlock later in the game.

In this guide, we’ll give you the information you need about the Rise of Kings civilization system.

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What is civilisation

Civilization, also known as nation, is the territory of your city in Rise of the Kingdom.

Your civilization determines the appearance of your buildings and units in the game.

The civilization you choose also determines what perks and starting commander you have, as well as the special units you can unlock later in the game.

At the beginning of Rise of Kingdom you can choose from 11 available civilizations.

Rise of Kingdoms is a civilization-based game, which gives the experience more character and makes you stand out more.

It is important to choose the right civilization for you, as this will have a great influence on how you play throughout the game.

Each civilization is unique in its mechanics, so look closely at what each offers.

Some of these give boosts to all or some troops, while others can increase the speed of gathering or building.

Some civs tend to be better at the beginning or end of the game, while others excel in certain parts of the game.

You can read more about which civilizations are excellent in these aspects in our guide to the best civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms.

Don’t worry if you choose a civilization you don’t want to use – you can change it later.

List of all civilisations

There are currently a total of 11 civilizations to choose from in Rise of Kingdoms, each with unique advantages and play styles.

#1 – China

Launch commander


  • Increased build speed by 5%.
  • Increased recovery of action items by 5%.
  • a 3% increase in defense forces.

Special Unit

#2 – France

Launch commander


  • 20% more hospital recovery.
  • Increase the collection rate of wood by 10%.
  • a 3% increase in the health of military personnel.

Special Unit

#3 – Rome

Launch commander


  • Increase grocery pickup rate by 10%.
  • 5% increase in infantry defense.
  • Increases the marching speed of the troops by 5%.

Special Unit

#4 – Spain

Launch commander


  • 20% more resources.
  • 10% more experience by eliminating neutral barbarians/units.
  • 5% more shin guards.

Special Unit

#5 – Germany

Launch commander


  • 10% increase in recovery of action items.
  • Increased cavalry attack by 5%.
  • Increases the troop’s training rate by 5%.

Special Unit

#6 – Great Britain

Launch commander


  • 20% increase in allied garrison capacity.
  • Increases the archer’s attack by 5%.
  • Increases the troop’s training rate by 5%.

Special Unit

#7 – Japan

Launch commander


  • 30% increase in scout’s running speed.
  • Increase the recovery rate by 5%.
  • A 3% increase in the attack on the troops.

Special Unit

#8 – Korea

Launch commander


  • 15% increase in hospital capacity.
  • Increased arch defenses by 5%.
  • Increases the search speed by 3%.

Special Unit

#9 – Byzantium

Launch commander


  • 15% increase in hospital capacity.
  • Increase the collection rate by 10%.
  • Increased cavalry health by 5%.

Special Unit

#10 – Arabia

The Commander-in-Chief



  • 10% increase on neutral barbarians/units.
  • 5% increase in destruction for adjacent armies.
  • Increased cavalry attack by 5%.

Special Unit

#11 – Ottoman Empire

Launch commander


  • Increases the damage of the active skill by 5%.
  • Increases the marching speed of the troops by 5%.
  • an increase of 5% in blade units.

Special Unit

How to change civilization

Maybe you’re tired of your civilization doing the rest, or maybe it just doesn’t fit your play style anymore.

Perhaps you have reached a point where your current civilization no longer meets your needs or purpose.

Fortunately, you can change your civilization.

It’s even advisable to change civs later in the game if you chose a civ at the beginning of the game.

To change civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms, click on the profile icon in the top left corner, click on the change icon next to your current civilization in the profile window, select the civilization you wish to change to, and then click on Confirm.

You must either change the civilization element or pay 10,000 gems to change your civilization.

Once you bring your Town Hall up to level 10, you will be rewarded with the Civilization Change item.

Another approach is to purchase the Changing Civilization item with 2,000,000 individual credits.

This is one of the reasons why you should join a powerful alliance.

When you change civilizations, units exclusive to the current civilization are changed to units exclusive to the chosen civilization.

Your current commanders will not change.

The architecture of your city will also be rebuilt to match the new civilization.

The benefits of your city will naturally evolve to the new civilization, which is usually why people switch civilizations.

Best civilization in Emerging Kingdoms

If you have a particular play style, choosing the right civilization will be an important decision in Rise of Kingdoms.

Each civilization is unique in its special units, starting commanders, building style and bonuses.

With the right civilization, you can match your troops to the right style of play and combat in the game.

There are several civilizations in the game, and most are good to go in one respect or another, but some just beat the others.

Here’s a quick look at some of the best civilizations in the game.

China is the best civilization for new players.

Not only will you benefit from the advantages of your city in terms of defense and building speed, but you will also enjoy a fast-paced game.

The Chinese novice commander Sun Tzu is also very useful for beginners.

Britannia is a good choice if you like wrestling fights.

The archer attack in this civilization will be very useful in battle.

It is better to classify archers as allies rather than enemies.

Boudica will help you raise barbarians and advance faster in the game.

Japan is strong in PvP and offers useful farming opportunities.

The scouting aspect of Japan makes it a great place to explore the map.

France is a great civilization to build up a strong infantry army.

Increasing your healing rate in France is also important for your endgame, as you’ll find yourself in a brutal fight.

The emphasis is on gathering resources and support from allies, which is ideal for infantry.

Germany as a whole is one of the best civilizations chosen in Rise of Kingdoms.

With this civilization you gain an increased rate of recovery of action points and a cavalry charge, making him well equipped for offensive battles.

These were some of the best civilizations in the game. Be sure to check out our list of Rise of Kingdoms civilization levels to learn more about all of them.

That’s all you need to know about civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms!

If you have any comments or suggestions about this guide, please let us know in the comments section below.

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