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PDFs to spreadsheets in 3 clicks

Fortunately, there are several software solutions that can easily handle this task, one of them being PDF To Excel Converter.

Easily convert PDF files to spreadsheets

There’s not much to say about the PDF to Excel converter, except that it works. The user interface may look a little dated, but at least it’s streamlined and not overloaded with all sorts of tools that the average user may never touch.

The use of this tool is extremely simple and the conversion of PDF to Excel spreadsheet can be done easily:

  1. Download and install free PDF to Excel conversion
    • There is a free trial version available, but it can only convert the first page of a PDF file.
  2. Start the program and open the PDF file in one of the following ways:
    • Click on the big green plus icon to attach a PDF file.
    • Click the plus button of the folder to add a PDF file from the folder.
  3. Select the conversion options on the right side of the screen.
  4. Click on the Start conversion button.

This process takes a few seconds to a few minutes, depending on the size of the PDF file, the conversion settings and the amount of data to be processed.

Here is a brief overview of what the PDF to Excel converter can do:

  • It can convert PDF to Excel without Microsoft Excel installed.
  • Merge all PDF pages into a single Excel XLSX sheet.
  • It not only converts forms, but also saves all the results of the PDF text into Excel files.
  • A conversion engine that is said to be 160% faster than other PTO converters.
  • Convert PDFs to Excel XLS or XLSX format, which allows you to edit PDF forms in MS Excel.
  • Convert PDFs to XML and CSV formats that can be edited in most spreadsheet programs.
  • Batch conversion to process hundreds of PDF documents into Excel XLS and XLSX files simultaneously.

Test before you buy.

As already mentioned, the program can be downloaded and tested for free, but only the first page of a PDF can be converted.

This feature is very useful because you can determine on a single page whether the program is really good or not, although you are quite limited in the conversion.

PDF to Excel Converter

Easily convert hundreds of PDF files to Excel spreadsheets with this fantastic tool!

Message: Each time you start the program, you are greeted by a screen that reminds you to purchase the full version of the program. This screen can be discarded or disappears on its own after 15 seconds.

Another irritating screen appears when you try to convert a PDF file of more than one page, and reminds you of the limitations of the trial version.

While these notifications can indeed be a bit cumbersome, that doesn’t change the fact that the program is really good at what it does: It efficiently converts PDF spreadsheets into functional Excel spreadsheets.

So much for our brief overview of PDF to Excel. If we have piqued your interest in this product, please let us know by leaving your comment in the section below.

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