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Musicians Who Got Injured While Performing Onstage

Making a living performing music is hard to do, but that doesn’t stop some people from doing it. So when they get the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience, they do their thing, even if it means risking an injury. Here are a few musicians who have suffered major injuries on stage:

Playing a live show is a bit like a horror movie: you never know if something’s going to go wrong, and sometimes it does. In fact, sometimes, something going wrong can lead to injury. This can happen for several reasons. Maybe the stage is too small to perform on, or maybe the crowd is too big for the venue. Whatever the reason, some musicians have suffered injuries during performances that have changed their lives and the way they perform forever.

If you make a list of the most dangerous professions someone can have, music is probably last on your list. Music is not a risky career, especially compared to law enforcement, the military or even chemical engineering. But given the number of musicians who have been injured while performing, it is clear that music is not free from safety risks either. Here are some of the musicians who were injured while performing.

Some of the musicians who were injured during the performance

1. Dave Grohl (2015)

After a stage accident that left him with a broken leg in June 2015, Dave Grohl could be described as the epitome of hardcore. The Foo Fighters frontman fell off the front of the stage during a show in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The funny thing about this injury is that he continued to perform even with a broken leg. He only left the stage for medical treatment and then returned to finish his performance. His fans will probably remember the photo where he was carried on a stretcher to the stage and played from his seat.

2. Michael Clifford (2015)

5 Seconds of Summer guitarist Michael Clifford suffered severe burns to his arm and face after being hit by pyrotechnics during a 5 Seconds of Summer show at London’s Wembley Arena in June 2015.

The burns he suffered were so severe that he was unable to work. The next evening, however, he was back on stage. Because the burns are still severe, he asked his fans not to take pictures of him until he is fully healed.

3. Lady Gaga (2012)

Lady Gaga often has minor mishaps on stage. However, one of the most serious cases occurred in 2012 at a show in Auckland, New Zealand. One of her backing singers accidentally hit her on the head with a metal prop. This accident forced her to leave the stage to take the damage and then perform again.

She apologized to her fans and explained that she was afraid of suffering a concussion. However, she assured them that she would perform until the end of the show. True to her word, she performed sixteen songs. Fans were thrilled with the dedication with which she did it.

4. Enrique Iglesias (2015)

Famous singer Enrique Iglesias can attest to the fact that technology is not entirely flawless. The decision came after he suffered serious injuries to his hand during a show in Tijuana, Mexico, in 2015. Instead, it was an unfortunate move when Iglesias reached out and tried to grab a flying drone with a camera to film his audience.

Since the singer had done this trick many times before to please his audience, he probably saw no harm in it. But the stunt went wrong: He grabbed the wrong part of the drone and immediately cut his fingers on the metal propellers. The blow was so hard that he immediately broke his arm. However, he defied his injury and performed until the end of the show. As a result of this incident, he had to undergo reconstructive surgery.

What to do in an accident at work

Regardless of your workplace or industry, keep in mind that security risks are present in all workplaces. If you have been injured at work and do not know what to do, contact a personal injury lawyer. A good personal injury lawyer will know how best to handle your situation and tell you how to get compensation for your injuries.

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