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Learn To Fix Samsung Cloud Backup Failed – Can’t Backup Data

Many Samsung users have reported that the Samsung cloud could not be backed up due to an error. If you are also a Samsung user and experiencing this problem, please read this guide. Here are 8 effective solutions to solve Samsung cloud backup errors.

Before you know the solutions to solve the problem, you need to know what Samsung Cloud is.

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What is the Samsung Cloud?

Samsung Cloud is a cloud storage service launched by Samsung that allows users to back up and restore their data on their Samsung phone. You can back up your data automatically, but if you want to do it manually, you can.

However, many users experience problems when backing up their data to the Samsung Cloud – they cannot back up their data because the backup is unsuccessful.

For example, look at the current practice scenario!

Practical scenario 1: An error occurred with the cloud backup of the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung S7 Samsung’s cloud backup continues to fail.


I have an S7, but Samsung Cloud can’t handle it. He never managed to sync my account. Any ideas, please?

Good evening, sir,


Source: Samsung Community

Practical Scenario 2: A Samsung Galaxy S9 user’s cloud backup fails due to low storage capacity.

Samsung Cloud Backup failed

I need help! I have an unlocked S9 Plus model. Every morning I wake up to an error message from the Samsung Cloud that it could not be backed up due to lack of storage space! As you can see from my picture, I have over 14.98 of the 15G storage available.

What’s going on? I tried Google, but all they seem to solve are wifi issues in the cloud, not storage issues. Do you have any ideas? Thank you very much in advance.

Source: Android Central Forums

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Now let’s go to the solution – How to fix Samsung cloud data backup error?

Solution 1: Device restart

Restarting your Samsung phone can help you solve the problem of Samsung cloud not working.

To restart your smartphone, press and hold the power button when the power menu is not displayed on the screen. There you will find the Restart/Boot option, just tap it.

Solution 2: Network connection check

If the network connection (Wi-Fi or mobile) you are using is not working, it may cause Samsung Cloud Backup to not work.

The backup function is enabled only via the Wi-Fi network. If you want to back up your files with mobile data, follow the steps below to disable only the Wi-Fi network function so that you can use mobile data for the backup, which will not cause any connection problems and you can easily solve the Samsung Cloud Backup error.

Step one: Go to Settings, select Cloud and accounts, and then tap Samsung Cloud.

Step two: Then press the three dots and select Settings/Wi-Fi only sync in order.

Step three: Turn off all options. When you see the pop-up window, just click the OK button.

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Solution 3: Clear cache and data from cloud and Samsung account

Step one: On your Samsung Galaxy phone, go to Settings and tap Apps.

Step two: Then click on the three dots and choose View System Applications.

Step three: Now find the Samsung Cloud and click on it.

Step four: Then click Memory > Clear Data > Clear Cache.

Step 5: To clear the data and cache of your Samsung account, click Samsung Account > Storage > Clear Data > Clear Cache.

Solution 4: Samsung Cloud Update

If you have not updated your Samsung Cloud to the latest version, it may cause the Samsung Cloud issue to persist on your phone.

So if you haven’t updated your Samsung Cloud yet, follow these steps to update your Samsung Cloud to the latest version.

Step one: You must first log out of Samsung Cloud and close the application.

Step two: Delete Samsung Cloud now.

Step three: Then download and install the latest version of Samsung Cloud from the Google Play Store.

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Solution 5: Add a new Samsung Cloud account

Step one: Go to Settings and select Cloud and accounts > Samsung Cloud.

Step two: Then tap the three dots and tap Settings > Delete Account.

Step three: After you delete your account, reload it into Samsung Cloud to log in and back up.

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Frequently Asked Questions [FAQ]

Question 1 – How do I restore a Samsung Cloud backup?

Answer – You can easily restore your Samsung cloud backup to your phone or another device with the restore feature.

Follow the instructions here to restore your backup to the Samsung cloud.

Step one: Go to Settings > Account & Backup.

Step two: Then tap Back up and restore, and select the device on which you want to restore the backup data.

Step three: Then select the types of data you want to recover and click the Recover button.

Step four: If necessary, follow the steps on the screen to download the saved data.

Message: This method does not work on computers.

Question 2 – How do I sync the Samsung Cloud with my new phone?

Answer – You can easily sync your Samsung Cloud to your new phone.

Here are the steps you need to take to sync Samsung Cloud with your new smartphone.

Step one: On your phone, open the Settings app and then tap Account & Backup.

Step two: Then click on Samsung Cloud and then click on More (three dots).

Step three: Then click Settings and Sync Now (if you want to sync data manually) or Sync and Auto Backup Settings (if you want to set which applications should be automatically synchronized).

Step four: Now click on the Synchronization tab, and then click Enable next to the desired applications to enable or disable automatic synchronization.

Question 3 – Samsung Cloud can’t sync data Not enough storage space. What needs to be done?

The answer is that Samsung Cloud only offers 5 GB of free storage for backups. When the memory space is full, data synchronization stops. To solve this problem, you can first transfer all your backup data to your computer, and then clear the data and cache, as described in Solution 2.

You can also pay for more storage space if you don’t want to clear the data and cache.


So these are 5 effective solutions to solve Samsung cloud backup errors. I hope this solution has helped you solve the problem. If you want to back up more data, you can use other cloud services for backups, as Samsung Cloud only offers 5GB of free storage, which is not enough for most smartphone users.

Max Field is the founder of He loves Android and likes to write tips, tricks, troubleshooting, data recovery solutions and other Android related stuff.

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