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Grammarly vs. Outwrite | Which One is Better in 2023?

Grammarly versus write

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an experienced writer; you need tools that will help you improve and simplify your writing process. In addition to checking for plagiarism, you will need tools to check for grammar, spelling, and other problems in your text.

These tools are so useful that they integrate with other writing tools such as search engines, email, Google Docs, and even Microsoft Word.

In today’s article, we’ll dive into this timely comparison between Grammar and Outwrite and see which of these two exceptional tools offers the most value for a writer’s investment.

We will highlight the similarities and differences between these instruments based on the following factors: Key features, accuracy, availability, upgrades and pricing. We hope that by the end of this article we can help you make an informed decision.

Grammarvs. Registration

Admissions assistant skills

Grammatically, it is an AI-driven writing solution designed to make communication between users smooth. It is a cloud-based application that is connected to the network to execute its algorithm due to possible text problems.

He can research a variety of topics, such as. B. grammatical errors, plagiarism, punctuation, style, contiguous sentences, and spelling. It also contains suggestions on how to solve these problems.

Outwrite, on the other hand, works the same way as Grammarly, but its creator has added more writing features, such as paraphrasing sentences, rewriting objectives, and the ability to turn sentences on or off.

These additional features are considered by developers to be leveraged, as they give the recorder more options to improve its recording performance.

These additional features not only rid your written output of grammar and spelling errors, but also improve the flow and organization of your article.

Looks like it: Grammarly versus Microsoft Word.

While both applications are easy to use, whether you are writing from Microsoft Word, Google Docs, or the Web, users who are used to Grammar may find it difficult to get used to Outwrite.

Once you open the application or extension, you will see red lines indicating spelling errors and blue lines indicating grammatical errors. The reason for this error with the sentences can be seen on the right side of the document.

You can correct these errors paragraph by paragraph or hover over a specific word or phrase. In Outwrite, there are also rules that point out grammar and spelling errors, but you must select Start Sample before you can access the corrections related to flow and eloquence.

Measurement accuracy

Grammarly vs Outwrite – Precision

The main argument in favour of these tools is their accuracy in detecting grammatical and spelling errors and the adequacy of their suggestions for correcting these errors.

Especially if you make writing your profession, you will probably need these tools to stay on top of your work. Clear, error-free sentences will help you better convey your ideas to the reader.

Grammarly is known as one of the most accurate grammar checker programs on the market. However, a 2017 study found that the accuracy was only 72%. The person who wrote the exam noted that only 30 of the 43 errors he made in writing the grammar were found.

He concluded that while grammar was an excellent tool, it could never replace the human eye.

Looks like it: V. grammatical Linguix.

There are few studies and data that measure Outwrite’s accuracy, but users say that even with the free trial, there are many things they can do with the app to better control their errors.

Reviews from long-time Outwrite users also point out that the benefit of the tool is that it makes writing less robotic and more natural by focusing on flow and eloquence.

Platforms and accessibility

In this comparison, Grammarly and Outwrite are equally effective on all platforms, as they are both available for Google Docs, Microsoft Word, web applications, and browser extensions. They are also available in free and premium or pro versions.

Premium services

Grammarly Editor Premium

If you subscribe to the premium version of Grammarly, you get more comprehensive suggestions and corrections for contextual spelling errors and advanced punctuation and grammar errors. Other tips are provided to improve article readability, word choice and sentence structure.

You can also define user intents and sound destinations. Grammarly premium is also more intuitive in using the passive voice in sentences. To correct this mistake and make your sentences more engaging, we will also show you how to turn these sentences into active voice.

As for Outwrite, the Pro version makes writing with effects even smoother. When you unlock this version, you’ll see options to correct complete sentences, not just the words in a sentence.

In addition, there are suggestions to improve the author’s eloquence to make the result more accurate and concise. In the Pro version, the application can also automatically replace weak and boring words with better and richer ones.


Grammarly and Outwrite Awards

At this point, Outwrite offers cheaper and more flexible plans. The grammar subscription is currently estimated at $29.95 per month, $59.95 per quarter and $139.95 per year.

Although the price of the premium version drops as you renew your subscription, it is still grammatically more expensive than Outwrite.

The Outwrite Pro version is currently only available for $9.95 per month on an annual plan. If you want to subscribe to the Team plan, you will pay $7.95 per user per month.


Taking into account all the features and factors mentioned above, we can say that Outwrite is cheaper and offers more additional features than Grammarly, but the latter still wins. This verdict is based on proven grammatical accuracy, a user-friendly interface and a simple mechanism for checking grammatical, spelling and textual errors.


Grammarly sticks to what it’s good at: correcting grammatical errors. While Outwrite also worked to refine the expressiveness of its writing, it focused grammatically on what it was good at. This trick puts it at the top of every author’s grammar checklist.

Here’s the end of the Grammar vs Outsiders article. What is your final choice? Share your thoughts in the comments and help others make a quick decision.

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