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Best Dex Armor For Your Build –

Souls of Fashion is no joke, but the true purpose of every Souls of Fashion installation!

Because why be a master at this hardcore game when you look so bad anyway?

For Dex buildings, agility is a natural fit. They prefer aesthetically obscure and mysterious fabrics that remain hidden by quickly reaching higher levels, while still having some armor to remain combat-ready.

If you’re looking for a full skirt set or want some great things to mix and match to create your own look, we’re going to share some of the best cupids for all the dex builders out there!

Black leather kit

The first is a classic DS1 set, in black leather.

This kit is the essence of Gambit Dex – with tons of pockets and compartments to store throwing knives, kukri, firebombs and more!

This kit is perfect if you have a combination of weapons and consumables! You have to store all those tools somewhere, right?

How to get there: Sold by Patchy after he forgave her for locking you in a tower on Firelink. The helmet is distributed by Greirath.

Auxiliary kit/Black hand

Then there’s the assassin suit, a well-concealed garment that looks light, but has armor to protect critical areas.

It’s perfect for designs that encourage a more loyal approach!

If your character can fight in melee, dodge skillfully, but also occasionally swerve to take down enemies, then this armor is a good choice.

Similarly, a set of black weapons is essentially the same armor, but with more fabric and padding – which would better suit a similar play style involving wielding a large weapon!

How to get it (Assassin Set): The beginning of an assassin’s suit, or sold by Greirath after he went to the undead colony.

Where did you get it? Black Hand Set: Sold by the shrine girl after killing Kamui’s black hand in the great archives.

Dance set

Something else – the dance set is my absolute favorite for dex/intelligence hybrids!

Its fully armored appearance still shows craftsmanship thanks to the precise fit of its parts, and its ethereal helmets are fit for thieves, but with a touch of magic.

Statistically, it has one of the highest pose-to-weight ratios, which is perfect for Battle Master-style play!

How to get there: Sold by the woman of the temple after defeating the dancer.

The whole desert

The Deserter’s Kit is a versatile harness ideal for stealth or combat use!

He is very lightly armed and looks rather worn – which could indicate overuse by an established fighter, or an amateur fighter getting old.

A one-handed weapon and a pearl shield would go well together to give the impression of being light, but ready for battle.

How to get there: The chest and legs are the basic equipment of a thief. All the pieces are thrown onto the high wall by the hollowed out soldiers.

Shadow play

The Shadow set, another multi-purpose armor from DS1, is perfect for those who use the Ninja Katana.

I mean, it’s literally a ninja costume, mask and all.

This might not have been the case without the dark wood flip ring, but combined with the Karf fade ring and the grunge ring, it really gives off a cool, hidden killer vibe!

How to get there: Found among the rotting snails in the poisonous lakes of the Garden of Consumer Kings.

Undead Legion Kit

If you’ve played online, you’ve seen this armor.

The Legion set is probably one of the most popular sets in the entire game. It’s an absolutely fantastic piece of Dex armor that perfectly captures the essence of agile melee combat.

With a mix of fabric, leather and metal combined with the huge blood red worn cape, this set promotes brutal and heavy play styles that counter devastating combos with heavier weapons as curse words!

Too bad about the helmet. The tapered tip really brought the page down.

How to get there: Sold by the Temple clerk in Firelink after defeating the Guardians of the Wave.

Ensemble Leonhardt

Leonhard’s set has to be the bloodiest armor in the entire game, and if you’ve played it, you’ll understand why it goes so well with Dex.

This subtly extravagant black outfit is not only incredible, but also comes with neat captions telling the Leonhardt story!

It is ideal for hitmen, while maintaining a volume suitable for duels and melee sword fights. The subtleties of the weave also make it suitable for spelt dex hybrids!

For me, it’s all about the mask. Replace the Legion’s cone head with this and I’ll send you to Dex Builds.

How to get there: Bought by an ambulance driver after Leonhardt’s death.

Kit Wilhelm

For those who like armor, there’s Wilhelm.

Like the dancer’s gear, this black harness has a slim cut that promotes mobility, but also has a more defensive aspect.

This set is perfect for a dexterity-oriented physical build or even dark magic hybrids – of course it looks great with Wilhelm’s favorite weapon, the Onyx blade.

All the pieces are great, but the scarf on the ribbed bow looks too much like a poncho for my taste.

It’s even engraved with a golden butterfly. I can’t take it seriously.

How to get there: Leaving William behind in the picturesque world.

Sales vocabulary

The set offered for sale contains a heavenly combination for assembling high quality sword slings.

His heavily clad appearance seems light enough to be fast, but formidable and interchangeable.

He even has a cape, which is always a plus!

The appearance prefers the sword and plank style or the use of two weapons.

Combine it with the Twinblades cheat (the best PvE weapon in the game) and you have a truly brutal and agile fighter – ready for battle!

How to get there: Beginning of the mercenary outfit, or found on the way to the sacrifice – at the black knight and the Farron charcoal.

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