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10 Best Monsters in Summoners War

There are many monsters you can unlock in War of Summer. Each has its own style, its own set of moves and its own advantage for your team. Supporting these creatures for turn-based combat is a good part of the game, so you need to make sure you have the best ones available to use.

We went through and identified the samples we liked best and the options we thought should be unlocked and developed. Our list includes monsters best suited for PvE and PvP, as many of them are excellent options for the zone you want to play in. These are usually 4 or 5 star monsters, which are the rarest in the game. This increased rarity has a reason, and is largely why they are the best monsters to use.

Ahamamir (Ifrit van de Wind)

Figureon the summer war database

Ahamamir is an absolute monster on the attack in all phases of the game. His Mega Smash does a lot of damage and lasts for two turns, Super Crush hits and stuns every opponent, and Mach Crush also destroys every opponent. With that kind of firepower, you can’t go wrong with Ahammir for all your offensive needs. Defensively he’s weaker (obviously), but he more than makes up for it with what he can do. If you team up with Ahamamir with the right allies to keep them alive and fighting, you’ll be in top form.

Dark homunculus (asymmetric field)

Figureon the summer war database

Dark Homunculus is well balanced, his only real weakness is when he tries to defend himself in guild wars. Outside of that area though, they can be a solid choice for any part of the game. They are a great offensive option that comes with solid base stats that you can improve upon. You really can’t go wrong choosing Dark Homunculus, in almost any capacity.

Elsharion (Light Ifrit)

Figureon the summer war database

Elsharion is one of the most balanced monsters in the game, with both offensive and support skills. His Mega Smash deals massive damage in two turns, and with his Master of Magical Power he can steal useful effects from enemies and even transfer them to all allies. He has very high defensive stats in addition to his offense, which is always a good combo.

Joan (Light Paladin)

Figureon the summer war database

Jeanne has a heavy leadership skill that increases the resistance of enemy allies in guild battles, which can be a great help. The increase is also 55%, nothing to laugh at. She is also a very fast monster, she started on 102 as soon as she woke up. Jeanne’s biggest drawback is that she’s not very useful in dungeons, as many other monsters offer better advantages to get through.

Sigmarus (Phoenix Water)

Figureon the summer war database

Sigmarus is an important monster, especially if you play Dungeons games. Sigmarus’ Leader skill gives all allies in the dungeon a 44% health boost, which is huge. All of his attack skills are incredibly effective, especially his Ice Volcano skill. This attack uses an explosive volcano to deal damage to all enemies based on their maximum HP while reducing their attack power for two turns.

Thesearion (Fire-Ifrit)

Figureon the summer war database

Tesarion is not a good option for the dungeon, but he is good almost everywhere. He really excelled at PvP, especially in Guild Wars. The ability to make enemy monsters disappear not only reduces their usefulness, but also makes them much easier to kill. He is also excellent in raids due to his strong base stats and the amount of damage he can do.

Theomar (Water-Ifrit)

Image via Chronicle Wars database

Water Ifrit is an absolute monster in PvP, especially with his ability to use runes to increase damage between enemies. She also has very solid defensive stats, meaning she can be hard to take down. Almost all of his skills are good enough for a solid number of moves, and he really is a great offensive option. Additionally, Theomar’s leadership skill increases each ally’s critical percentage by 24%.

Veromos (Dark Ifrit)

Figureon the summer war database

Veromos is a monster best used when concentrating on speed, as it reaches 100 after waking up. It’s also great for dungeons and can give a great boost to beginners. When he uses his AoE Super Crush stun attack, which also deals damage proportional to his maximum HP. Towards the middle of the game, it loses some of its usefulness as you unlock more monsters that provide better benefits for mid-game activities, but it’s not enough to get rid of it entirely.

Watermelon (ice fog trail)

Image via Chronicle Wars database

One of the best things about using the Water Homunculus is that its passive ability Magic Force Blast revives the monster by 50% if you are hit fatally. It will also be present in the magic power explosion, which makes all enemies do 30% more damage. Unfortunately you have no control over it and it disappears at the end of your turn, but it’s worth it and can be a big help when needed.

Xiong Fei (Fire Panda Warrior)

Figureon the summer war database

Xiong Fei is fairly balanced and offers some good support skills that both remove damaging effects and increase the defense of allies. He’s really good against NB10 Dungeon, where his ability to hit opponents quickly with three hard hits. He is also excellent at filling in once he wakes up and has good speed. He can take serious damage and is easily supplemented with runes.

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What are the chances of getting a 5 star monster in the summer war?

As of January 2018, 5-star monsters have a 0.5% chance of getting a mystic roll. 4-star monsters have about an 8.2% chance of getting a mystical roll. Monsters with 3 stars have about a 91% chance of being summoned by a Mystic Scroll.

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